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4 Beautiful Flowers To Style Your Home With This Winter

Posted by Danni Tan

Flowers are a wonderful way to add natural beauty and instant style to a space, whether it’s a perfect bouquet, a wild untamed arrangement, or even a single stem. With cold winter temperatures driving us all into hibernation, create a cosy atmosphere and breathe some life into your home with these gorgeous blooms, all perfect for complimenting your winter styling.

1. Noteworthy Natives

If you’re not very confident about your flower arranging skills and are after something fool-proof, you can’t go wrong with Australian natives – rustic, wild, textural and unique, these flowers almost always look amazing! You’ll be able to find beautiful seasonal Australian natives during any season, and many of them bloom for most of the year, such as the Acacia Wattle and Kangaroo Paw. Simply arrange loosely and unevenly in a vase, then fill in with a variety of eucalyptus foliage, for a stunning untamed bouquet.

Australian natives arrangement by White Moss

Image from


2. Cotton On

What flower is more perfect for bringing warmth into your winter than the cotton flower? These soft clouds of fluffiness will have everyone touching them in fascination – get ready to answer a lot of questions from guests like “Are these real?” and “Is this how cotton grows?”. They look amazing when included in bouquets, adding lots of softness and visual interest, but are also striking when simply leaning in a vase as a single stem. Even with my Instagram feed currently flooded with gorgeous pics of cotton flowers, I just can’t get enough of them. The best thing about these beauties is that they’re already dried, so they last for months and months, with zero maintenance required – hurrah!

Cotton flower arrangement by Tara Wokulski of @coco.camelia

Image styled and shot by Tara Wokulski of @coco.camelia

3. All Hail Kale!

“But isn’t kale that healthy vegetable that I've been eating because it’s been dubbed a superfood?” I hear you ask. Yes, but there is also another variety of ornamental kale, which is hearty, beautiful and looks stunning whether in a bouquet on its own or included in an arrangement with other blooms. Not technically a flower, it’s their bold, full and luscious leaves that are the feature, which range in colour from a bright green, to a soft white to deep, rich purple. One word of warning though – these plants emit an odour, reminiscent of stinky cabbage soup, so make sure you change the water daily to avoid the stench. A little bit of a pain, but well worth it!

Ornamental kale flower bouquet by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise

Image styled and shot by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise


4. Here Comes the Blushing Bride

A native from South Africa, the Blushing Bride is a delicate little flower that adds incredible texture and a point of interest to your flower arrangements. Beautiful in a bouquet or even as a single stem, the petals are mainly creamy-white with soft hues of pink and green. They’re a tad on the pricey side but are an exotic and stunning flower that you can’t help but marvel at.

Blushing Bride flower styled by Moon Canyon and shot by Lacie Hansen

Image styled by Moon Canyon and shot by Lacie Hansen

Browse our range of vases to find the perfect pieces for these beautiful blooms, and select prominent spots in your home so that you’ll see them often. These flowers will give your home warmth, visual interest and natural beauty and can add a little pick-me-up to your everyday this winter!

Banner image source: Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers

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