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7 Different Ways to Style a Throw

Posted by Danni Tan

Perfect for curling up with on the couch, or as an extra blanket on the bed, throws are stylish and versatile in any room. But as the temperatures drop and the throws come out, what’s the best way to style a throw? There’s no one correct way, which is good news if you have throws in various rooms of the house, as you may want to change up your styling in each space. Here are 7 of my favourite ways for styling a throw this winter:

1. Prim + Proper
For a tidy, polished look, neatly fold your throw lengthwise into thirds, and drape it over the back of the couch, either in the centre or off-centre, depending on the look you prefer. This elegant and sophisticated aesthetic requires precision, so make sure your folds are even and that you tuck in the throw behind your couch cushion to keep it securely in place. For this look to stay clean and chic, don’t overcrowd your couch with too many cushions.

Image: @theinsidecollective


2. Keep it Low
Another iteration of the Prim + Proper look above, but less formal – you can make this style more casual by folding your throw lengthwise into thirds, and then halve it in the other direction. This shorter parcel can then be draped either over the arm of the couch, or on the couch seat cushion, with any tassels or fringing pointing down. Create an even more relaxed look by bunching up or sprawling out the throw a bit so that it’s a little uneven.

Throw on arm of couch

Folded throw on couch seat cushion

Images: DIY Playbook

3. Basket Case
This is by far the best option for the time-poor – just keep a decorative basket next to your couch or bed, and simply toss the throw inside…easy peasy! With most of the throw bundled in the basket, just pull out one of the corners so that it hangs out over the edge. You can also pull it out further so that it drapes onto the floor slightly.

Throw in basket - The Stables

Image: @the_stables_

Throw in basket - My Styled Home
Image: @my.styled.home

4. Perfect Imperfections
Relaxed, inviting and warm, this casual drape suits most homes and interior design styles. But just like the tousled bed-head look, its effortless appearance actually takes a little more time to achieve than you would think. One technique is to pinch the throw at its centre, then drag it over one of the back corners of the couch. Another way is to loosely fold the throw in half lengthwise (or not at all), and drop it over a corner, draping it over the back. Whichever technique you use, allow some fabric to cascade over the front of the couch and even graze the floor. Step back and see if you need to pat, gather, tug or spread out the throw in some places. Don’t worry if after all your tweaks you still can’t get it right, any problem areas can probably be covered up with some clever cushion placement!

Throw draped on couch

Image: @shiftpropertystyling

Throw draped on couch
Image: @my.styled.home
Throw draped on couch


5. Footsies
If you have a daybed, or a couch with a chaise, you can style the foot with a beautifully draped throw. Fold the throw lengthwise into quarters, then drop and drape diagonally over the corner. This easy option requires little effort and adds visual interest to what would normally be a very empty space.

Throw draped over couch chaise
Image: @thehomemaven


6. Hanging Out
For a lightweight throw, simply hang it on a rung of a decorative ladder next to your couch or bed. This allows you to fully show off your throw when not in use and also means that the cushions on your couch or bed are not disturbed when you grab it.

Throw on ladder
Image: @my.styled.home
Throw on ladder
Image: @scandihome


7. Bedridden
Whether folded neatly or tossed casually, throws are an essential part of bed styling, bringing colour, texture and warmth to the boudoir. Tarina Wood of Oh Eight Oh Nine is the queen of bed styling and often layers throw upon throw upon throw! Tarina plays with clean, tidy lines, but also with rumpled, gathered ones – sometimes combining both together for the perfect balance of showroom-stylish yet homely and inviting.

Bedroom styling
Bedroom styling
Bedroom styling
Images: @oh.eight.oh.nine

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  • Thank you! I did the second one which seems simple but it didn’t occur to me. Looks so much better than at the foot of my chaise.

    SelenaD on
  • Cool ideas and tips! thanks keep posting!!

    Naina Kalra on

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