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Have Yourself a Very Scandi Christmas - Our Guide to a Scandinavian Inspired Christmas

Posted by Danni Tan

God Jul - that's Merry Christmas in Swedish! At The Design Edit, we love all things Scandinavian - their sense of simple and elegant style, their exceptional eye for design and their well-balanced concepts of home and living. To bring you some Scandi inspo for your home this festive season, here's our guide to the perfect Scandi Christmas!

Wrapping the Perfect Package

Ditch the rolls of tacky Christmas wrap with the cartoon Santas and snowmen on them - Scandinavian inspired gift wrapping is simple yet elegant, using neutral tones, texture and natural materials.

1. Clean + Simple

Use plain white paper with white string for a clean and light look, tucking in a twig of pine for a pretty pop of greenery.

Source: Hege in France

2. Good Enough to Eat!

Get creative with some personalised gingerbread biscuit tags. Baking not your forte? No worries, you can just use store-bought biscuits and write on them with an icing pen - we won't tell anyone!

Source: Made by Mary

3. Artistic License

Armed with some matte black paper and a gold Sharpie, you can have fun creating your own gift wrap in whatever designs you please! Finish off with some gold or natural twine.

Source: Lil Blue Boo

4. Au Naturale

Beautiful and rustic, use kraft paper, natural twine, and a sprig of foliage as the finishing touch (berries are gorgeous if you can get your hands on them).

Source: Local Milk

5. Divine DIY

With a little imagination (as well as step-by-step DIY instructions online!), you can create the most gorgeous decorations for your gifts, such as this star made from ordinary twigs, glue and string.

Source: Farmhouse on Boone

Setting the Perfect Table

Christmas is a time for gathering with loved ones, and of course this means sharing in a delicious meal around the dinner table! Here are some of our favourite Scandinavian table settings.

1. Raw + Earthy

Rough cut Spruce branches, hyacinths and pinecones bring a natural, earthy look to this table setting.

Source: Stylizimoblog

2. Clean Cut

An uncovered table, white tableware and light tones keep this table setting clean and bright.

Source: 2 at Home

3. Danish Decadence

For a more glam and luxurious look, use darker, moodier shades and incorporate lots of layering.

Source: Artilleriet

4. Gorgeous Grey

Grey is a beautiful and versatile colour often used in Scandi styling, providing the perfect base.

Source: Stylizimoblog

5. Fine Foilage

Beautiful blooms and greenery make perfect centrepieces - let them be the star of your table setting and you won't need much else!

Source: A Quiet Style

Cooking Up the Perfect Feast

There is more to Swedish food than Ikea meatballs! To compliment your Scandi themed Christmas, here are some traditional Scandinavian dishes that you can serve your guests.

1. Julskinka Christmas Ham

The star of every Scandinavian Christmas feast is the Julskinka, a ham that is normally boiled, then finished off in the oven with a mustard and breadcrumb crust.

Source: Quinta de Curvos

2. Gravlax

Gravlax is a popular Nordic appetiser of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar and dill. It's usually served with hovmästarsås (a dill and mustard sauce), and eaten either on bread, or with boiled potatoes.

Source: Bill Granger

3. Krumkake Cookies

More like a waffle than a cookie, this Norwegian sweet is made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar and cream, cooked on a circular cookie iron, then rolled into a cigar or cone shape.

Source: Sweet Paul

Getting into the Perfect Mindset

The Scandinavians have some beautiful concepts about home, family and life, which are especially relevant during this festive season as we reflect on the year that has been and set goals for the one to come.

1. Hygge

"Hygge" (pronounced hoo-gah) is the Danish concept of cosiness, contentment and well being. In essence, it means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying everyday togetherness with others. The warm glow from a candle can be hygge, as can a mug of hot chocolate or spending time with loved ones.

2. Lagom

"Lagom" is a Swedish concept meaning 'just the right amount' and is an ethos of moderation, balance and perfect simplicity. Lagom is not doing the unnecessary and superfluous, but instead focusing on the essential and knowing when to stop.

3. Fika

"Fika" is a Swedish concept often translated as a 'coffee and cake break', however it's much more than that. Better understood as a state of mind or attitude, fika to the Swedes means making time for friends and colleagues - it involves stopping each day in order to pause and socialise, refreshing the brain and strengthening relationships.

I hope you enjoyed our Scandi-themed Christmas guide and that you're inspired to add some Scandi style to your home this festive season. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas, filled with love, peace and joy!

Love Jason, Danni + Rowdy xx

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