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5 Quick + Simple Ways to Achieve Hygge In Your Home This Winter

Posted by Danni Tan

Danish people know a thing or two about cold, depressing winters – a typical winter in Denmark consists of below freezing temperatures, constantly overcast skies and extremely short days (during December, the sun starts setting just after 3pm!). And you thought your winter blues were bad!

It’s little wonder then that the Danes live according to the philosophy of ‘hygge’ (pronounced something like hue-gah), the Danish concept of cosiness, contentment and well-being. While there is no direct English translation, in essence it means creating a warm, cosy atmosphere and enjoying simple pleasures and everyday togetherness with loved ones. When you’re stuck indoors for a few months of the year, you’ll want to make your space as warm, inviting and enjoyable as possible!

Here are some quick and simple ways that you can introduce hygge into your home this winter – you’ll be so comfy and content, you won’t want winter to come to an end!

1. Get Your Glow On
I’ve always loved the ambience created by the warm glow of a candle, but the Danes take lighting candles to a whole other level in their pursuit of hygge – in fact, they burn a whopping 6kg of candle wax on average per person each year! Not only do candles set the mood with their beautiful, flickering flames, but they also come in the most delicious and decadent scents that are perfect for chilly winter nights.

Concrete Soy Candle - Vanilla Caramel by Whitewick Home

Concrete Soy Candle in Vanilla Caramel by Whitewick Home


Warm Jam Donut Candle by Haley Marie 

Warm Jam Donut Candle by Hayley Marie


2. Flower Power
Flowers are a wonderful way to bring natural beauty into a space, and can add a little pick-me-up to your every day. My winter favourite is the gorgeous cotton flower – no doubt you will have seen these all over your Instagram feed by now! So soft, beautiful and pure, these little clouds of fluffiness look amazing anywhere, whether paired with David Austin roses to create a stunning arrangement, or simply placed into a vase as a single stem. The best thing about these little beauties is that since they’re already dried, they last for aaaaages – perfect for someone like me who is terrible at maintaining flowers and potted plants.

Browse our range of vases and select a piece that suits a prominent position in your home so that you’ll see it often. This simple pleasure will go a long way in giving your home warmth, visual interest and natural beauty.

Incu Vase by Amalfi

Incu Vase by Amalfi


Cotton flowers by Shae from @ourdandylife

Styled and shot by Shae from @ourdandylife


3. More is More
Winter is the perfect time for introducing more textures and layers into your home – big, soft cushions with knitted covers, textured throws, shaggy rugs, all the things that make your house feel warm and snug. Go ahead and layer soft furnishings on top of each other, and don’t be worried about going overboard…is there really such a thing as being too cosy during winter??

Double Boucle Cushion in White by Sounds Like Home

Double Boucle Cushion in White by Cafe Lighting + Living


Somerset Throw by Amalfi

Somerset Wool Throw by Amalfi

4. Lighten Up
Switch off your room’s main ceiling lights and flick on your floor and table lamps instead to instantly create warm ambient lighting. Scattering a few well-placed lamps around the house is a quick and easy way to set the mood, whether you’re having friends over for cheese and wine, or snuggling up on the couch with your special someone for a romantic night in.

Addison Floor Lamp by Emporium

Addison Floor Lamp by Emporium

Zana Table Lamp by Emporium

Zana Table Lamp by Emporium


5. Find Your Happy Place
In the quest for hygge, the Danes have coined the term hyggekrog, which is essentially a special nook of your house where you can get cosy. Your hyggekrog could be your favourite armchair where you curl up with a good book, the daybed where you sip tea or hot cocoa, or the window seat where you watch the world go by. Find your own hyggekrog, and make sure to keep it as a place of rest, enjoyment and relaxation – absolutely no responding to emails or making work calls while in the sanctuary of your hyggekrog!

Sven Armchair in Charcoal

Sven Cashmere Armchair in Charcoal


Banner image: Shot for The Design Edit by Grace Petrou, styled by Fourteen Oh Five, with style assist by Ned & Oscar

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