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Trend Alert - Japandi Style + How to Get the Look

Posted by Danni Tan

Japandi has been dubbed the hottest trend for interior design in 2017, and is also referred to as Scandinese or Nordic Zen.  A fusion of stylish Scandinavian design and sleek Japanese minimalism, Japandi is definitely one of our favourite looks here at The Design Edit!  Here’s how to achieve this beautiful, effortless zen style in your own home.

Keep it Simple

Like its Scandinavian and Japanese parents, Japandi is all about simplicity, embracing clean lines, minimalism and functionality.  Styling should be pared back, using only a few carefully considered and thoughtfully selected pieces.  Spaces should be decluttered and airy, allowing for a peaceful flow throughout.  Tone down on the trimmings and flourishes and let the natural beauty, high quality and tranquil palette of your pieces shine for themselves.

Japandi dining table and chairs

Source: Home Beautiful magazine. Styling by Stephanie Powell + photography by Chris Warnes


Mix it Up

Japandi encourages dramatic contrast, so be bold and don’t be afraid to mix light and dark woods, bringing more depth, texture and tone to your space. 

Scandinavian style is typically defined by pale woods, and uses a lot of light oak and other blonde timbers.  Japanese interiors on the other hand, are characterised by darker, stained timbers and blacks.  Japandi deftly pairs and mixes the light and natural woods of Scandi with the sophisticated and elegant darker wood tones found in traditional Japanese interiors, skilfully creating contrast and balance.

Add some Japandi contrast to your dining room by matching a Scandinavian style dining table in a light natural oak, with dark walnut or black wooden chairs.  Or introduce both light and dark woods into your space through a single piece, such as coffee table with a pale top and striking black legs.

Nelson Platform Bench Replica in Medium

Nelson Platform Bench Replica - Medium by The Design Edit

Styling by The Real Estate Stylist


Peaceful Palette

The accent colours of Japandi include the muted colour palette found in Scandinavian style, with its soft tones of light greys, pale pinks, baby blues and pastel greens.  However It also introduces the darker accent colours of charcoal, indigo, navy and emerald green, these rich and timeless shades adding depth and texture to your styling.  Incorporate these colours into your space through cushions, artwork, upholstery, rugs or decorative accents.

Japandi style bedroom

Source: Home Beautiful magazine. Styling by Stephanie Powell + photography by Chris Warnes


Nod to Nature

The Japanese term ‘wabi sabi’ refers to the principle of finding beauty in the imperfect, and is a wonderful way to soften the cool, sleek minimalism of Japandi with some charm and warmth.  Introduce natural textures and organic shapes into your décor through jute, concrete, cork and ceramic.  Or be inspired by the beautiful and delicate art of origami by adding a paper pendant as a statement piece.

Concrete Succulent Pot in Medium by Whitewick Home


Forester Cork Wall Clock by Davis + Waddell


Lying Low

Low lying furniture pieces, such as sofas or coffee tables, reference the classic and traditional forms of Japanese furniture.  Choose a low lying piece in a modern, clean design to perfectly marry the Japanese and Scandi elements into true Japandi style.

Japandi low bench

Source: Home Beautiful magazine. Styling by Stephanie Powell + photography by Chris Warnes



Make It Last

Hailed as a new design trend, Japandi is taking Australia by storm, but it’s not a fleeting trend that will be forgotten, like a short-lived fad.  Designers are predicting that it will become a design movement, a new classic that will be in style for decades to come.  Japandi is a simple, timeless and adaptable look, that can be dressed up or down to suit our needs and reflect our individuality. In that regard, is not really a trend per se, as much as it is an accumulation and evolution of what we have long loved about Scandinavian and Japanese style.  Pick classic pieces in simple forms, unpretentious colours and natural materials that will stand the test of time, and adapt them over the years as your family and taste changes.

Natsumi wooden coffee table

Natsumi Coffee Table by The Design Edit


Ready to get the Japandi look? Browse our carefully curated Japandi Collection, which includes pieces that are perfect for creating this stylish look in your home.


Banner image source: Home Beautiful magazine.  Styling by Stephanie Powell + photography by Chris Warnes


Japandi Japanese Scandinavian Trend

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