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Taking the Perfect Shelfie - 4 Tips from the Pros

Posted by Danni Tan

Interiors lovers aren’t interested in taking pouty, duck face selfies, we’re all about the shelfies, baby! Styling a shelf beautifully is an art form, and it can be difficult curate pieces in a way that your shelf feels complete but not overly crowded. I reached out to my fave shelfie savants, to get their expert tips on styling the perfect shelfie.

1. Calm + Cohesion: Michelle Halford of @thedesignchaser
“Even though I have two shelving units at home, they can quickly become cluttered, so styling them usually begins with some editing. While I want my home to feel lived in, I also want the pieces on my shelves to breathe. I like showcasing a mix of objects, books and sensory elements including flowers or scented products like candles and incense burners.

I especially love objects that are hand crafted from natural materials, and those that tell a story. I try to achieve a sense of balance by grouping pieces in a such a way that is pleasing to the eye - mixing different heights, shapes and textures - all while adhering to a calming palette of neutrals for overall cohesion.”

Styled + shot by @thedesignchaser


2. Mixing it Up: Tara Wokulski of @coco.camellia_
“Let me give you the down low on how you can instantly refresh your shelf with the same items. It’s all about a quick change up…by making a few minor adjustments to the items already in place you can really breathe new life into this space.

By changing the orientation of some items it helps to add new depth, new height and new focal points within the shelf space. Play with the orientation of books if you’re using any - by changing from laying flat to standing up you instantly freshen the shelf space and gain a new area of height.

You don’t have to move all pieces to a different location, but by just swapping a few you can really make a huge impact to the space and freshen the space instantly.”

Styled + shot by @coco.camellia_


3. Reflect Your Style: Cath O’Donnell of @cathodonnellstyling
“When styling a shelf in your home, I think it’s really important to choose pieces that reflect the style you already have in your home. Bring in colours that are in your artwork and cushions. And always add some greenery, whether it be fresh flowers, foliage or a plant. Most importantly, have fun with it!”

Styled + shot by @cathodonnellstyling 


4. Balance + Flow: Cholè Dawson of @my.styled.home
“When styling a shelf It is important to make it flow from shelf to shelf, try to create a balance with tones, textures and negative space.

Firstly, choose a focal point eg. a vase with foliage, a pot plant, artwork etc… and add layers in front or behind to create depth. Try adding a stack of books a third of the way in front of a print and place a smaller object on top. Be sure to only group in odd numbers and avoid overcrowding.

Lastly, mix up the orientation, height & scale of objects - by doing this you are creating a 3 dimensional look.”

Styled + shot by @my.styled.home


Now it’s your turn! Browse our range of beautiful homewares and our gorgeous shelves and start creating your shefie masterpiece.


Banner image: @thedesignchaser

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