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5 Tips for Beating the Back to Work Blues

Posted by Danni Tan

Now that the Christmas cheer has faded away and the New Year’s celebrations are done and dusted, many of us are feeling a bit bleh this week as we return to the daily grind. But chin up! A new year brings with it a fresh start, a new leaf and untapped opportunities to look forward to. Here are some ways you can beat those back to work blues and look ahead to a fantastic 2018.

Plan Your Next Adventure
What better way to get excited about the year than to plan your next getaway? Our World Map Cork Board is a fun and creative way to either mark out the places you’ve been, or the bucket list of places you’ve yet to explore.

Even if a big holiday is not on the horizon for you this year, just browsing properties on Airbnb and planning a relaxing weekend away will give you something to look forward to.

World Map Cork Board and Pins by Emporium

World Map Cork Board + Pins by Emporium


Beautiful Blooms
Fresh cut flowers are a wonderful way to breathe life and beauty into a space, and including flowers as part of your regular shop is such an easy and affordable way to add a little pick-me-up to your every day. Browse our range of vases and select a piece that suits a prominent position in your home so that you’ll see it often. Have fun with the flowers, mixing up the varieties regularly based on what’s in season. This simple pleasure will go a long way in giving your home a pop of colour, visual interest and natural beauty.

Can’t be bothered caring for the real thing? Artificial plants and faux flowers have come a long way and are a convincing and realistic alternative, without any of the maintenance.

Tallow vase by Emporium

Tallow Vase by Amalfi


Butterfly Orchid by Rogue

Medium Butterfly Orchid (Round Pot) by Rogue


Reap the Rewards
By now you’ve probably broken a few of your New Year’s resolutions already, and are feeling guilty and discouraged. To set goals that you’ll actually stick to, express them as specific activities that are as trackable/measurable as possible, then decide on a reward to motivate yourself.

I use a coaching app to list and track all my goals, and tick off activities daily to hold myself accountable. Instead of a vague goal like “learn French”, I have a specific and measurable activity, which is to listen to my French audiobook for 10 minutes every day. It’s realistic and achievable, and while 10 minutes doesn’t seem like much at all, by the end of the year I will have spent over 60 hours learning French. And my reward? A 5-course French degustation that I’ve been wanting to try but can’t justify the cost of. If I ever feel tempted to skip a day, I can just think of the delicious confit duck that I would be forgoing…

Add Wow to Your Workspace
We love making our homes look beautiful, so why shouldn’t our styling and decorating extend to our workspaces too? After all, this is where we spend most of our waking hours, and yet these environments are usually sterile and bland. There’s no reason why your plain little cubicle can’t be a stylish and Instragramable workpace, so treat yourself to some décor pieces and prints, and ditch the boring workplace-provided pens for some gorgeous designer stationery instead. Kmart, Kikki K, Officeworks and many other stores have a huge range of decorative stationery these days, and there’s something for all tastes and budgets. 

Metro Concrete Canister, Wide by Emporium

Metro Concrete Canister, Wide by Emporium


Concrete Dala Horse - Black by Zakkia

Concrete Dala Horse - Black by Zakkia


Sweet Scents

Scent is a powerful mood elevator and has the ability to transport you to another place and time. Give your spirits a wonderful lift with one of our deliciously scented soy waxed candles and fill your home with good vibes.

Concrete Soy Candle - Fig Tree, Medium by Whitewick Home

Concrete Soy Candle - Fig Tree, Medium by Whitewick Home


Glass Soy Candle - Pear, Medium by Whitewick Home

Glass Soy Candle - Pear, Medium by Whitewick Home

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